Planning? What planning? While Iceland had been on my long travel list for a while, the decision to go there in October 2023 and on my own came rather spontaneous. In September, my whole focus was to finish and submit the dissertation for my master’s, which left me very limited time and headspace to actually […]

Exploring Reykavík on foot

Opposed to many people I met, I hadn’t done much research before my trip. I decidedly took my time to just rest and explore at a leisurely pace rather than ticking off attractions. Iceland is home to less than 380,000 people. Around 250,000 of them live in the capital region, and the city itself has […]

Museums of Reykjavík​

Whales of Iceland I visited the Whales of Icelands exhibition near the harbour at Fiskislóð (Fishing Trail) as I was curious to experience the 26 life-sized models of whales. After paying the 3,900 ISK (£23/€26) entrance fee, you can log on to their WiFi and access an audio guide in various languages via your smartphone. […]

Food & drink in Reykjavík

The young lady Food and drink in Reykjavík is quite pricey compared to most other countries. To keep costs down, I cooked a lot at the hostel and had three meals at restaurants. On my first day in Reykjavík I visited the Danish restaurant Jómfrúin (virgin or young lady) on Lækjargata (River Street). Their traditional Smørrebrød (open sandwiches) […]