About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog

I’m Mona – nicknamed Mo, an adventurous, outdoorsy female bookworm who loves nothing better than to travel.

Born and raised in the beautiful north of Germany I moved south to work and live in Switzerland about 15 years ago. Since then Basel has become my second hometown, which makes it easy get about since EasyJet flies nearly everywhere from here. Basel is a beautiful city that is not crowded with tourists like other places, so definitively worth a visit.


Venice, Italy

Until I can turn my hobby traveling into a career my partner Martin and I still work day jobs to make a living. On the plus side that sometimes involves some business trips, which gives me yet another option to be on the road. Even if that includes long hours and busy days, there’s usually the possibility to sneak in a walk with some views, a break to take some pictures, a meal at a nice restaurant and so on. It’s the approach that counts, well at least that’s my opinion.

I love hiking and Switzerland is the perfect place for that, so you’ll find some posts about that too in a separate section.

Why do I blog? I want to inspire people to “get out there”, to show them places they haven’t been thinking about ever or not in this way. I also want to encourage women to go where they want and be safe at the same time.

But enough about me. 🙂 Please feel free to comment on my posts or drop me an e-mail, I’ll be happy hearing from you and answering any questions you have if I can.

Safe travels, Mona

Hyderabad, India