Interlaken – Food and drinks

Okay, so you’ve enjoyed the mountains, the lakes and the views, and you’re hungry. Where should you go? Generally, I’d avoid any restaurant that advertises its menu in various languages on large blackboards outside – these are the tourist group hotspots where quantity trumps quality. Instead, I’ve got a few tips for you – some for food, others for views.

Hotel Metropole Interlaken

Just next to the historical building of the Hotel Jungfrau casts an ugly, grey cement block a long shadow: the Hotel Metropole Interlaken.

Few people know there’s a restaurant & bar at the top of this eyesore, open to anyone. Just enter the hotel, walk to the lifts at the back of the building and elevate yourself to the top floor. The panorama bar offers terrific views, and the prices are, as expected, on the higher side. I think it’s still worth a visit, even just for a glass of wine or a coffee.

Hotel Restaurant Luegebrüggli

You want food or drink, a nice view but not many tourists around you? I’ve got you covered. 

Go by foot, bike, car or bus to the Hotel & Restaurant Luegibrüggli for food or drinks. Food prices are on the higher side, but the views are included.

Noodles Bar

If you’re hungry but don’t want to spend too much money, try the Noodle Bar. It nestles in a nook next to Hooters at Höhenweg and offers Asian street food like noodle soups and curries. I loved it every time I went there, and the prices were on the lower side.

Pizzaria Lido

One of the best Italian restaurants is slightly outside of the town, but it is worth the trip. I’ve eaten many times at the Pizzeria Lido da Elio and enjoyed it every time. 

Restaurant Ox

For meat lovers who don’t mind paying a bit more for extra quality, I can recommend the Ox Restaurant & Grill. The food is excellent, but it’s a bit pricey.

Café de Paris

Just next door to the Ox is the Café de Paris, one restaurant that offers all-day food round. The food comes very quickly, and the quality is good, making it one of my favourite places to stop when I’m starving after a hike in the middle of the afternoon.

Stadhaus Unterseen

Switzerland’s version of Jamie Oliver is called René Schudel, and he runs a restaurant in Unterseen, just a few minutes walking from the Interlaken West station. It is less busy with tourists here, and you can enjoy the traditional town centre more peacefully.

The Stadthaus in the centre of the square offers typical Swiss alpine food at a high level without demanding crazy prices. I’ve eaten there regularly and liked it a lot.

These are some of my favourite places to eat in Interlaken, but of course there are loads more to explore and try out. 

Which one do you like best? Leave a comment and I’ll check it out next time I’m in the region. 😉

Updated: October 13, 2023 — 2:30 pm