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Hurghada, Egypt

Want to try something new? Shortly after our trip to Dublin, my brother and I were speaking on the phone when he asked me if I fancied trying out diving together with him in Hurghada, Egypt. Since I’m always up for an adventure, my answer was, quite predictably, “sure, why not?”. Hurghada is famous for […]

Arriving in Hurghada

We met in Frankfurt, so we would travel and arrive together in Hurghada to ease the local coordination. The passport control went smoothly. Soon after that, we flocked with the other tourists to the waiting bus, which would bring us to our hotel. Since I usually don’t book package holidays, this was a nice extra. […]

Diving right in ​

Our first morning started early as the German diving school had scheduled our pickup for 7:35 in the morning. With some coffee and a few small bites in my stomach (I’m not good at eating early), we marvelled at the view from the hotel entrance. The riffled arches beautifully framed the line of mountains against […]

Sightseeing in Hurghada

What is there to see? To make the best of the remaining days, we evaluated the options and looked at what else was there to do. Hurghada used to be a fishing village until, in the 1980s, substantial investments changed it into the scuba and snorkelling hotspot it is today. Consequently, there are no pyramids […]

What women want

Guiding our steps in the direction back to our taxi, we crossed a small square with lots of cafés. This social area was solely occupied by men, and I suddenly felt very exposed, feeling lots of gazes upon me. I instantly felt stupid, having chosen to wear a dress that ended just over the knee […]