Travelling alone

Travelling alone can feel a bit lonely at times when you’d love to share an experience or a view with a friend or loved one. On the other side, you’re a lot more open to connect with other people or notice things around you if you are on your own. 

I had lots of engaging conversations with interesting people from many different countries during my trip and even made a few new friends who I hopefully meet again some time somewhere. This is one of the big motivators of travelling for me: broaden my horizon and learn about other people and their culture.

Next time, road trip!

As mentioned at the beginning I hadn’t planned much before arriving in Iceland. I feel I got a good impression of Reykjavík, having spent most of my time there. Next time, I want to see more of the rest of Iceland. A lot more! I’d love to rent a camper van and tour around the island for two weeks.

A good thing needs time...

The blog post about my trip to Iceland has taken me far too long to complete and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it was the way in which I explored the capital that made it tricky to give it some sense of structure so that it is readable and interesting for you. Maybe it was the myriad of impressions that needed sorting in my head. 

But anyway, it is done now and I hope you enjoy reading it. Hopefully, it inspires people to visit this stunning island. It is a fabulous destination for single female travellers and got voted as “Safest Country in the World”

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Updated: November 27, 2023 — 9:23 am