Sunrise at Lion’s head

Catching the first light of the day kissing Table Mountain is a classic hike for Capetownians and travellers alike. I started my day very early, my hiking guide Kai said we’d meet at 6 a.m. at the car park at the foot of Lion’s Head. Fortunately, it was much easier to get an Uber even at that time of day (or night) than I anticipated. 

When the driver turned into an empty, pitch-black road and followed it uphill, I felt kind of uneasy because I had no clue where we were. And how safe are Ubers again? But soon enough, I saw lots of cars parked at the shoulder of the road and people walking around, and I tried not to sigh of relieve. We then reached the blinding flare of a single coffee truck that attracted the early hikers like the light attracts the moths.

Unlike the Table Mountain hike, this one was a lot busier. The track was quite challenging at times with large boulders and steep ladders, but it was so worth it! The sun rose next to the Table Mountain and peeked through a thin streak of clouds, throwing mystic lights over the city, and you had an incredible 360° view from the top. Turning around you could see the pyramid-like shaped shadow of the Lion’s Head on the water. Wow, these views!

It’s a great hike to start the day with, it took us one hour up and one down. But even if you take it slower, you’re done before lunchtime, which gives you plenty of time for other activities the same day. 

This hike is probably doable without a guide, but if you prefer going with a guide, I recommend you to go with Kai Fitchen.