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Back home in Switzerland, I visited one of our neighbours, a lovely Egyptian lady in her eighties. When she was young, she met a Swiss man in Kairo and followed him to his homeland. I gave her an account of our holiday, and she was surprised I felt exposed in the café square. Why would […]

The Cape of Good Hope

Vistiting the end of the world – Cape of Good Hope There are two things not everybody knows about this place. It used to be called “Cape of Storms” by the Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias before King John II of Portugal renamed it to the Cape of Good Hope. No, this is not the most […]

Township Tour LAGUGU

Before my visit, I had thought about visiting a Township, but felt discouraged by the reports about violence there. Thus, I was positively surprised to see that City Sightseeing offered Township tours as well. We booked one, and my first question to the guides was how the people in the Township would feel about us […]

Wine Tour

In vino veritas or how to blissfully spend a day It was the morning after my late arrival in Cape Town in the night before, so I was pretty tired in the morning. But after a shower and a coffee, we were ready and excited to start the day and went via Uber to the […]