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Hurghada, Egypt

Want to try something new? Shortly after our trip to Dublin, my brother and I were speaking on the phone when he asked me if I fancied trying out diving together with him in Hurghada, Egypt. Since I’m always up for an adventure, my answer was, quite predictably, “sure, why not?”. Hurghada is famous for […]

South Africa

The trip begins… South Africa is a beautiful country with an eventful history. It was colonized first by the Dutch and then by the British and it gained independence in 1931. While Europe fought against racism during the following years and closed this chapter with the end of World War II in 1945, discrimination and […]

The Cape of Good Hope

Vistiting the end of the world – Cape of Good Hope There are two things not everybody knows about this place. It used to be called “Cape of Storms” by the Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias before King John II of Portugal renamed it to the Cape of Good Hope. No, this is not the most […]

More things to do in and around Cape Town

Free Walking Tour – Cape Town historic centre City Sightseeing offers “free” walking tours through the historic part of Cape Town City starting from Long Street. The tour as such is free, but a tip of 150 to 200 ZAR  (8 – 10 EUR) is expected, which is made clear at the beginning of the […]

Township Tour LAGUGU

Before my visit, I had thought about visiting a Township, but felt discouraged by the reports about violence there. Thus, I was positively surprised to see that City Sightseeing offered Township tours as well. We booked one, and my first question to the guides was how the people in the Township would feel about us […]