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Hurghada, Egypt

Want to try something new? Shortly after our trip to Dublin, my brother and I were speaking on the phone when he asked me if I fancied trying out diving together with him in Hurghada, Egypt. Since I’m always up for an adventure, my answer was, quite predictably, “sure, why not?”. Hurghada is famous for […]

Dublin, Ireland

Finger on the map This trip started with my brother and me discussing where we could meet for a weekend. He lives in northern Germany, I live in Switzerland. The prerequisites were: it must be reachable reasonably for both of us, and it should be a country we’ve never visited before. After spending quite some […]

Lake hopping in Switzerland

Introducing “Big Red” There are better times for travel bloggers than a global pandemic with various lockdowns, that force you to stay put in one place. Fortunately, the situation in Switzerland has improved quite a bit, and life has returned to some degree to normality. We used the time at home to convert a 2003 […]

Walenstadt at Walensee

Arriving Yes, someone got really creative here with the names, agree. 🙂 We had never been to the eastern part of Switzerland (die Ostschweiz), so we thought it was about time to do that. Plus, Liechtenstein is just a stone throw away and technically a separate country, so we could tick off another one of […]

Buochs at Lake Lucerne

Welcome to the heart of Switzerland Arriving at the TCS* Camping Buochs was an entirely different experience than the one we had a few days earlier. We got greeted friendly by highly motivated people, who happily informed us about everything we needed to know, for example that a bakery sells fresh bread every morning at […]