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Lake hopping in Switzerland

Introducing “Big Red” There are better times for travel bloggers than a global pandemic with various lockdowns, that force you to stay put in one place. Fortunately, the situation in Switzerland has improved quite a bit, and life has returned to some degree to normality. We used the time at home to convert a 2003 […]

Walenstadt at Walensee

Arriving Yes, someone got really creative here with the names, agree. 🙂 We had never been to the eastern part of Switzerland (die Ostschweiz), so we thought it was about time to do that. Plus, Liechtenstein is just a stone throw away and technically a separate country, so we could tick off another one of […]

Buochs at Lake Lucerne

Welcome to the heart of Switzerland Arriving at the TCS* Camping Buochs was an entirely different experience than the one we had a few days earlier. We got greeted friendly by highly motivated people, who happily informed us about everything we needed to know, for example that a bakery sells fresh bread every morning at […]

Le Landeron at Lake Biel/Bienne

Bonjour en la romandie Like the sun we went from east to west during this week, which brought us to the French speaking part of Switzerland, the “Romandie”. Our destination Camping des Pêches in Le Landeron was located at the south tip of Lake Biel/Bienne, the warmest of the lakes we tried. I didn’t need […]